The 2021 Roundup

It has certainly been an interesting year for those involved with Cyclewise!

We started with lockdowns and bike shortages which then led into huge parts shortages. We are very pleased to say there is light at the end of the tunnel and somehow we have diversified, found other options and kept ourselves, our hire fleet and all of your bikes running seamlessly throughout.

Whilst we are on the subject of bikes, we are now seeing a lot of our orders starting to arrive, mostly of the Cube Comp series hardtail bikes but its looking very promising for the arrival of more E-Bikes in the first 6 weeks of 2022 which is excellent news.

There have also been a few bike launches along the way, and yes, we have been waiting patiently as you all have for the arrival of some very nice looking bicycles for 2021/2022.

First up we have the Nukeproof Megawatt. We already had a few of these arrive but the majority have been delayed significantly due to parts shortages with the likes of Shimano. As we type this we have finally got a few sizes due to land with us in the coming days, a very sought after bike that wont hang around for long, we are sure of that.

Secondly, the Orbea Rise and its aluminium counterpart.

What a bike this has been! Initially the lightweight e-bikes were something that arrived with a lot of intrigue. Having now spent some time with our M10 demo bike we can safely say we are beyond happy with idea that this could be the true 1 bike garage. Proven it can be hiked, proven it can keep up with bigger travel bikes and proven it can cover some serious mileage and still deliver significant power assist whilst doing so.

Orbea released the new Hydro Aluminium version of the bike this month and we will be receiving bikes from mid February, bigger battery, bigger range, and the smallest of weight penalties over the carbon model. It’s another example of Orbea hitting the ball out of the park!

Bike Hire and Repairs

Where to begin! The amount of bikes we checked throughout the summer or the sourcing of parts to keep them running in tip top condition for your hire.

We’ll start with the parts hunt! It has been an interesting 8 or 10 months, over the past few years it has come to light we rather took advantage of next day delivery and easy parts supply, even for the most obscure bike part that you only see once every few years. Luckily we started ahead as we had a good supply of the main components used on a lot of the new bikes in 2021. The supply dwindled and we spent hours upon hours sourcing parts but we are still here, managing to find what we need and can offer alternative options where we see fit and have plenty on order, even if some isn’t due until early 2023.

This year to date we have checked a whopping 112,000 bolts averaging 6Nm per bolt, thats a total of 672,000Nm of torque applied to our hire fleet in just under 12 months!

Once again we would like to thank you for your support for another year and cant wait to see you on the trails soon!

The Cyclewise Team.


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