Bike Maintenance Course

Home Mechanic Courses

We run our Home Mechanic Courses from our 2 specialist workshops in the Lake District.

These are fully hands on courses and we provide all the tooling you require.

Our maintenance courses are extremely popular and are designed to help you save money in the long run.

Why pay a bike shop to do a job you could easily do yourself if you just had the know how?

General Bike Repairs

Beginners Bike Maintenance Course

Learn just how easy it is to fix and maintain your own mountain or road bike. The perfect course if you have very little knowledge of basic bike maintenance.

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Advanced Maintenance Course

Advanced Bike Maintenance Course

If you already have a little experience of cycle maintenance but would like to advance your knowledge to undertake more challenging repairs, this is the course for you.

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E-Bike Maintenance

Advanced E-Bike Maintenance Course

This e-bike maintenance course is designed for riders who already have a little experience of cycle maintenance and wish to advance their knowledge to undertake more challenging repairs.

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Private Bike Mechs Course

Private Bike Maintenance Course

This totally hands-on private bike maintenance course aims to save you money by showing you just how easy bike maintenance is. We can tailor this course to meet your specific requirements.

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Cyclewise Bikeability Mechanics Qualification

Cyclewise Bikeability Mechanics Qualification (CBMQ) is a professional certified qualification delivered by Cyclewise and certified by Active IQ and endorsed by the Bikeability Trust. This qualification can only be accessed by current NSI Bikeability Instructors.

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