Suspension Servicing

Suspension Servicing

Due to constant wear and tear, your forks and rear shock require regular servicing at set intervals to keep them in perfect working condition.
Unfortunately, this can be something that is overlooked and can cause damage to your suspension and your wallet!
Get them serviced regularly and you will float through the roughest of trails.

Service Them, Don’t Forget Them!

This is a standard fork lower leg service and a rear shock air can service.

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Servicing Your Forks & Shocks

So your forks are in need of a bit of love! Suspension Forks and shocks are the most expensive parts on your bike and really worth keeping them in good repair.
Mountain bike suspension forks and rear shocks require routine service to ensure that they continue performing at their best.

At Cyclewise we are experienced in servicing all types of suspension forks and shocks. We have all the latest specialist tooling in our two workshops – Our Trail Centre & Shop at Whinlatter Forest, near Keswick, and our Cockermouth Store. Our Whinlatter workshop is open 7 days a week and our Cockermouth workshop is open 6 days a week (not open on Sundays).
So give us a call or call in to discuss your requirements.

Our Suspension Servicing is not just limited to Fox and Rock Shox either – we can also service other brands of suspension. We can also help even if you are just after a bit of advice about a suspension service.

Please click here to contact the Cyclewise Team and we’ll be more than happy to help with options and prices.

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Suspension Servicing Prices

Fork Service from £45 (excluding parts)

Lowers removed

Seals and foam removed

Lowers cleaned

New seals fitted and oils replenished

Air spring stripped where necessary

Forks reassembled, tested and set up

To discuss further please visit or call us

Shock Service from £40 (excluding parts)

Air can removed

Seals removed

Shock body cleaned

New seals fitted

Air can and shock body lubed

Shock reassembled and set up

To discuss further please visit or call us

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