Core Skills - Back To Basics

One of our most popular courses and the most important skills you can ever learn when it comes to Mountain Biking. Become a better rider, bursting with confidence, new techniques and the control to handle the most difficult of terrain with ease. Many of our very experienced leadership course candidates have commented on the fact that they would have benefited immensely from learning these skills when they first started mountain biking, so why not join us and go "back to basics" to move your riding forwards.


"Hi All, Just a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed the one-day core skills course I did with you on Sunday; the whole day was a great experience and the mix of training, trail riding and general fun was perfect. Dave was an excellent instructor and his relaxed style really gave everyone a lot of confidence.  All the other instructors and staff I met were great too; everyone was really professional and friendly. If you ever need a testimonial regarding the course, I’d be more than happy to provide one. I’ll be booking the intermediate course when I’ve polished up my new skills a bit more"! (Rob)

"To Rich and Dave, Huge thanks for giving my hubby and our friends a great weekend, and showing them that they perhaps didn't know it all! Mike was buzzing when he got back and is keen to come back and do more. You've got a great set up there, and your tutoring is second to none. Just a shame I couldn't join them! We now have trackstand practice and wheel lift drills scheduled in for this weekend in our back lane! No doubt we will be up again soon. Thanks again" (Alli)

Hi there, I thought I'd like to say a big thank you to Rich for a brilliant, informative and exciting course, last weekend. Tony, Paul and I all gained so much and had such a good time - way beyond our expectations. My confidence has been boosted so far and my ability has correspondingly increased too. Just need a new bike now! Thanks also to all the guys in the shop - what a great bunch, helpful and humerous too! We had a great day on the South and North side runs on the Monday and then did a great circuit recommended by Rich, in the Grizedale area on the Tuesday, prior to a long slog home on the M6. Keep up the good work, and we'll be back! (Steve)

So what are the Core Skills ?

Weight shift and the cone of movement- If you don't move you will fall off, this is where riding starts.
Track stands
- The ability to balance, the most important skill to learn when it comes to riding a mountain bike.
Manual front wheel lifts
- The ability to lift the front wheel over an obstacle using body position and weight shift.
Power assisted front wheel lifts
- The ability to lift the front wheel at slow speed over an obstacle whilst climbing.
Rear wheel lifts
- The ability to lift the rear wheel over an obstacle.
As well as the 4 core skills, we give you a thorough breakdown and understanding of Climbing, Descending and Braking.

Mountain Bike Course Cyclewise

2 Day Core Skills Course

Our Core Skills course has been introduced with both beginners and more experienced riders in mind. The course concentrates on the technically correct way to perform the core skills required to become a more competent and confident rider. Our Core Skills course is also ideal for those mountain bikers who may be looking at completing one of our British Cycling Leadership awards in the future but are not sure about their own personal riding skills.
Once you have got to grips with the techniques on day 1 you will be given the opportunity to transfer these skills to the trail on day 2 under the guidance of our expert coaches. Using video feedback we will show you where you are going wrong and right and show you how much more you can get from your biking with these skills in place.

We also run Ladies Only Skills Courses.

Instructor Ratio: 1:6 max
Course Cost
: £145
Course Venue:

Core Skills Dates 2015-16 Availability
Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th February
6 places
Saturday 26th - Sunday 27th March
6 Places
Saturday 30th April - Sunday 1st May
6 Places
Saturday 14th - Sunday 15th May 6 Places
Saturday 9th- Sunday 10th July
6 Places
Saturday 6th - Sunday 7th August
6 Places

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1 Day Core Skills Course

This course is for those riders who would just like to come along and learn the core techniques on a 1 day course.

Instructor Ratio: 1:6 max
Course Cost:
Course Venue:

1 Day Core Skills Dates 2015-16
Saturday 27th February 6 Places
Saturday 2nd April 4 Places
Saturday 11th June
6 Places
Saturday 13th August 6 Places
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All the course information will be sent to you via e-mail once we have received your online booking form. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the courses, we will be very happy to help.

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